So I started a blog a while ago that was just about my daily life- random postings that really didn’t have much relevance to anyone aside from a few close friends. However, I’ve found TONS of blogs that review books and I thought to myself, “Hey, that’s perfect.

You see, I’m a readaholic. I read ALL THE TIME. So it made perfect sense to me to start a blog posting reviews of books as I finish reading them. Duh. Also, in the past two weeks I’ve obtained three ARC of various books for free that ask for reviews in return. Done and done, good sirs.  

So keep a whether eye on my reviewing horizon (eh, sad attempt at a Pirates reference) and I’ll post as soon as I can. Which might be just a little bit, seeing as it’s finals week right now and I have a million things to get done… Trust me, I’d MUCH rather be reading and promoting books. Which is what I’ll do as soon as this hellish week is past. 

So stay tuned!


Yeah, I realize a brand spanking new blog doesn’t really look that promising–BUT I’ll make it worth your while, just you wait.


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