Grave Mercy By Robin LaFevers

Okay, so I absolutely LOVE Young Adult books with an assassin heroine. Fans of Graceling and Throne of Glass will find this novel as thrilling and captivating as others in the realm of  hardcore young women doing what they have to in order to survive. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be like that? The story follows the life of seventeen-year-old Ismae Rienne in 1488 Brittany–sired by Death Himself, she spent three years in a convent learning all the various ways to kill a man. On one assignment she is placed among the high court, and as you can imagine, devious plots of treason abound. Add to the mix a man she can’t help but fall in love with (let’s be honest, anyone would fall for him if they were in the same situation) who she is assigned as a target, and this book rips your attention away from the real world and whisks you right into the heart of a conniving and traitorous one. Death abounds, and all the while you’re left trying to figure out who is the one behind it all. It really is a gripping and riveting read, and of course there is a love story woven in that I can’t help but grab onto and root for. A definite 5/5 stars. Oh, and did I mention that Grave Mercy is the first book in the His Fair Assassins Trilogy, and that the second book, Dark Triumph, is already out? You’re welcome 😉


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