Shadow and Bone By Leigh Bardugo


This book had me hoping and fearing on a roller coaster of emotions. You know those books you read and the hero/heroine’s voice sounds predictable and not really believable at all? Like, their thought processes seem kind of juvenile? These characters aren’t like that at all. Alina is so real and genuine, and the banter between her and those around her, especially her best friend Mal, sounds like you really are watching real relationships. All of the characters feel like they’re people you know in real life, which makes their struggles more realistic and they suck you into their lives and you feel everything they’re feeling.  This book is one of magic and fear and friendship and deceit and power.  It’s a unique story, and one that upon finishing, I’d already bought the second book in the trilogy without even thinking twice about it. Between the magical Grisha, the powerful Darkling, the Shadow Fold where the darkness is impenetrable and monstrous winged creatures lie in wait to rip into human flesh, and Alina coming to know who/what she is and the power she holds, you’ll find yourself ensnared in the tangled life in Ravka and you won’t want to leave. It grabs you and just when you think you know what’s going to happen, the plot twists and you’re left struggling right along with Alina. It’s a true talent that an author can have a story set so deep in fantasy, yet turns out to be more realistic than stories set in the real world. I LOVE this story, and it’s earned a distinct 5/5 stars in my book 😉

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