Halo By Alexandra Adornetto


So three friends and I all buy tons of books and share them with each other. When one of my friends passed this one on to me, she said that she found it boring and wasn’t a huge fan, but I was skeptical of her opinion–I had seen this book and put it on my wishlist a while ago because it sounded really promising. Which is why it was sad that I had to agree with my friend–it was kind of boring. The premise is that angels are sent to earth in human form to try to restore hope and faith to the world, and Bethany Church–being one of those angels–falls in love with a human in the process (a big no-no). I was excited when I saw this among the books my friends were lending me, but when I read it I didn’t feel a connection with Bethany or any other character. The characters’ interactions and conversations didn’t sound realistic, rather they sounded more contrived, and the problems throughout the plot were too easily solved–it didn’t make it believable to me. It ended more interesting than the rest of the story promised, but waiting to get to that point almost didn’t feel worth it. It KILLS me to not be enthusiastic about a book, but unfortunately I can only give this book a 2.7/5 stars


  1. I must admit I have heard similarly negative things about this book. :/ My friend offered to lend it to me recently after saying she enjoyed it but I decided to pass. Something about that ultra-beautiful sun kissed cover made me wonder if it was overcompensating for something. 😛

    • The cover tricked me, too! I love the whole angels/fallen angels perspective, and seeing the cover led me to believe this was going to be a stunning novel. When my friend told me that she was disappointed by it, I flat out didn’t believe her until I read it myself. Usually even if I’m not crazy into a book, if it’s one in a series I’ll still want to know what happens with the characters down the road, but with this book I didn’t connect with the characters, nor do I have any desire to see how their stories play out. It’s sad, and I feel bad for the disconnect, but it is what it is I guess 🙂

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