The Scorch Trials By James Dashner


WOW. Wow wow wow wow wow. If you’re looking for an exhilarating thrill ride (and who isn’t?), look no further–The Maze Runner Trilogy is one of the most exciting and fast-paced series I’ve ever read, with such sharp twists in the plot that you’ll be just as blind-sided as Thomas. In this second installment, Thomas and the other Gladers are convinced they are safe once they’re out of the Maze, only to find themselves thrown out into the Scorch–the desolate, barren wasteland where the sun burns you the second you walk outside and riddled with Cranks. Cranks are people who have contracted a disease called the Flare that eats away at your brain till there is no humanity left, leaving you a crazed, flesh-eating monster (think zombie). Thomas and the Gladers have to make it through the Scorch to get to the safe haven, where they will receive the cure to the Flare, which they have all contracted. Behind all of this is the WICKED corporation, but can WICKED be trusted? Can anyone? I finished this book at two in the morning and immediately bought and read 17% of The Death Cure, the final book in the trilogy. These are impossible books to put down, and the cliff hangers will have you scrounging for the next book, searching for resolutions to the questions you’re left with. I kept telling myself that I’d stop reading and go to bed as soon as I was done reading my current chapter, but before I knew it I was reading the one after that and the one after that–these books leave you with an insatiable hunger for more. One of the best books I’ve read–5/5 stars 😉


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