The Death Cure By James Dashner


READ THESE, please, I beg you! Because I can guarantee that this series will not leave you unsatisfied. (I wish there was a punctuation mark in between a period–which says I’m serious–and an exclamation point–which is practically screaming.) There were so many times I found myself with my jaw hanging open from shock and my eyes bulging out of my head. Thomas and the Gladers are no longer a part of the Trials, but now they’ll stop at nothing to see WICKED and their plans terminated, and the cost is high. Death, destruction, action, and even hope await you in this final chapter of The Maze Runner Trilogy. I don’t want to say too much about the story line itself–I don’t want spoilers to abound or anything. Oh, and The Kill Order is also a part of the series as a prequel, and I’ll be reading that shortly (as soon as I snatch it up from a friend). The Death Cure (and every other book I’ve read in the series so far) is an indisputable 5/5 stars 😉


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