For Darkness Shows the Stars By Diana Peterfreund


Calling all Jane Austen fans, calling all Jane Austen fans! Once again I have stumbled across a brilliant retelling of one of the beloved Austen’s novels, Persuasion. This time around, our heroine is Elliot North, who has to worry about her family’s estate and caring for all the Posts and Reduced that work on it. When an opportunity appears to rent out the shipyard to the acclaimed Cloud Fleet, Elliot seizes the opportunity to bring in more income that the North estate desperately needs. Among the captains of the fleet is one Malakai Wentforth, childhood friend and love of Elliot. But after four years apart, everything has changed between Kai and Elliot–the question is, can it ever be the same? Even if you’ve never read Persuasion (how can you not have?), this book will appeal to all those dystopian love fans (such as myself). An entirely new perspective on a classic, this is for sure one 5/5 stars 😉


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