The Girl of Fire and Thorns By Rae Carson


Yeah, I realize I’m a bit behind on this series, but better late than never, right? So there is one person every century who is chosen as the bearer of a Godstone and destined to fulfill some great, divine purpose. Elisa is the bearer and a princess, married off to the king of a neighboring country as a move in a looming war. But it seems everyone wants the Godstone she bears, and will go to any lengths in order to obtain it. Let me tell you, you’ll have your heart ripped out a handful of times while reading this story, but it is worth the heartache. Elisa begins the story as a frightened and uncertain sixteen-year-old girl, but grows and becomes infinitely stronger than even she could imagine. I was awake until four in the morning reading it because I could not put it down. It reminds me of the sort of world Graceling and Throne of Glass are set in, of sorts. And, of course, there is a magic unique to this story–the whole concept of the story is fresh and imaginative, really, and well worth the read. 5/5 stars 😉

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