The Fault in Our Stars By John Green


I can’t even– I’ve been rendered utterly speechless. This is without a doubt the most achingly beautiful, heartrending, real book I have ever read. I don’t feel like there’s an adequate description that could prepare anyone for the magic of love and the tragedy of loss that this story presents. Hazel and Augustus are so real and their story makes you, just, feel. Hazel knows she’s terminal and has been for years, but when at one Cancer Kid Support Group she meets Augustus Waters, everything changes. Reading this story–as heartbreaking as it is–made me feel alive, and want to really live, you know? Thank you, John Green, for sharing this unbelievable story. I’m sorry to say that this is the first John Green book I’ve read, but rest assured it will not be the last. If you read any book I have reviewed and encouraged so far on this blog, this is the one you should read. 5/5 stars 😉



  1. Honestly, throughout the book, I didn’t feel this at all, and I am constantly wondering why I missed the emotions everyone seems to be feeling. I did not enjoy Green’s writing style at all; I felt it was far too brash and unpoetical – and because of that it seemed as if the characters weren’t in touch with other parts of their dialogue (I think I explain my dissatisfaction better in my review). I was wondering though, as you read the book, did you feel there was any character development?

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