The Lost Prince By Julie Kagawa


Julie Kagawa does it again–a simply captivating read! If you’ve never read any of the Iron Fey series, start with The Iron King (if you just jump right into the series with this book, things will more than likely be a little confusing). This installment takes us on the journey of Ethan Chase, Meghan’s brooding little brother. Exiled fey living in the mortal realm are mysteriously disappearing, a dangerous, unknown group of fey have appeared seemingly out of nowhere, and Ethan is forced into the one place he never wanted to set foot again–the Nevernever–with classmate Kenzie St. James. He’s in for way more than he bargained for. I absolutely LOVE this series. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Iron Fey. And even though you’re following Ethan this time around, you still come across familiar faces that never fail to entertain, and that familiarity made me feel like I was running into old friends I hadn’t seen in a while. I can’t get over how exciting and fun and intense the story is. Fantastic! 5/5 stars 😉

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