Unearthly By Cynthia Hand


Clara Gardner isn’t your typical teenage girl–she isn’t even human, really. Clara is an angel-blood, or Nephilim, same as her mother and her brother. Angel-bloods have a specific purpose on earth, and Clara is having visions of what her purpose is–visions that include a forest fire inferno and a mysterious boy. As a result of her visions, her family is uprooted from California and moves out to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. There she finds the boy from her visions, but how is her vision supposed to pan out? And when Clara is faced with a seemingly impossible decision–choosing between her heart and her purpose–which will she choose? This was an interesting take on the whole angel-on-earth story, and I smiled at the conversational banter between characters. But you know when you read a book that makes you go “WHOA, that was AWESOME!” and then you read another book after and you really like the second book, but it doesn’t incite the same reaction the first one you read did? That’s kind of what happened when I read this story. I really did enjoy it, and I want to read the rest of the series–this book leaves you wondering, “What’s next for Clara?” and I need to know what happens–so a 4/5 stars it is 😉


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