The Coldest Girl in Coldtown By Holly Black


Okay, this here book does the right thing by vampires. These vamps aren’t hiding out and away from the human world, oh no–they’re running it. When people are bitten, they turn Cold, and if they drink a human’s blood within eighty-eight days then the infection turns them into a vampire. Video feeds within Coldtowns show these walled cities within cities to be places where vamps and infected and even humans all live harmoniously in some high profile, glamorous lifestyle. But when Tana, her infected ex-boyfriend and a mysterious stranger all find themselves running and are faced with entering Coldtown as their only option, they’ll find out that things–and people–aren’t always as they seem. Dark, tense, and endlessly entertaining, this is a vampire story unlike any other I’ve read. I LOVE that the vamps are out there in the open and owning it, tempting humans into really wanting (not fearing) a lifestyle of the undead. Original and twisted, I give it a 4.75/5 stars 😉


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