The Elite by Kiera Cass

The Elite

Okay, so if you haven’t read The Selection or The Elite, beware of my review because SPOILERS may abound.

I need to talk about my relationship with this book.

I don’t know what happened between me reading The Selection and now reading The Elite, because I loved America in the first book (see review here) but GOSH through most of this book I just wanted to STRANGLE HER! Seriously, WHY are you so confused about Maxon? He gives you the time you ask for and he gives you gifts and he values your opinion. He proves himself to you time and again!

Oh, is it because Aspen is at the palace and you loved him for two years? Because last time I checked, he broke your heart. Ah yes, he says he realized that he didn’t want to be without you after he left you. Guess what? Maxon didn’t have to leave you to realize he doesn’t want to be without you–he was always there for you!

But your angsty ways are pushing him away.


And Aspen has always grated on my nerves, there’s something about him that I just don’t like. That’s probably the reason why I was so frustrated with America–I didn’t understand why on earth she was still so hung up on Aspen. He’s always bothered me and he’s not the one that America should choose.


But I have to say, sometimes I was even mad at Maxon. He would be proclaiming his love to America one minute and avoiding her/focusing on the other girls the next. I understand that he noticed America distancing herself and drifted toward the other girls to develop relationships with them, but I wanted him to fight. If you love her, you fight for her!

Throw on top of it all the fact that there are still rebel groups attacking the palace and lock downs and issues with the war and the inner country turmoil because of the caste system and you’ve got one HUGE dramafest, my friend.

And by golly, I was eating up that drama.

Seriously, this book is like a hyped-up version of The Bachelor, like The Bachelor times a THOUSAND. As much as I ripped my hair out because of America’s constant ambivalence and pretty much everyone’s decisions, I’m still hooked on this story –I need to see America end up with Maxon, I need to see what happens to the country and the castes and the rebel groups and the creepy/cruel king.

The resolution in The One is what I need (why are you so far away, May 6?).

Adding up all the factors, for me this is a

3.5/5 stars;)



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