Real Books of February


It’s already time for another recap! Today’s edition: FEBRUARY. So let’s see the real books I read last month towards the 2014 Real Book Challenge, courtesy of Swoony Boys Podcast and Fiction Fare! I I didn’t get to as many as I did last month, BUT I’m still just trucking along, riding the tide of these booklings:


15839976 Just One Day Pivot Point Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (1) Crossed Something Strange and Deadly Born of Illusion Prodigy The Elite Teardrop Just One Year


Looks like the magic number for the month is 11 beautiful, tangible books! I originally set a goal of 50 real books for the year, BUT I revised that to aim a little higher. Sooooo now I’m working toward 100 real books read in 2014! Add this month’s total to last month’s and I am at . . .

27 real books out of 100!

Just over a quarter of the way to my goal and starting off a [[hopefully]] strong March. This challenge is a BALL, if you haven’t joined up yet there’s plenty of time! There’s even a nifty [[clickonitCLICKonit]] Goodreads group set up for it! It makes it SUPER easy to keep track of all your progress:)

Come join the fun!

Happy Reading;)



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