Top Ten Gateway Books/Authors In My Reading Journey

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish


 This was SUCH a fun Top Ten! It had me feeling a little nostalgic, looking back through the years to find the books and authors that had a special part in my bookish journey. Remembering where my devotion to reading stems from has made me all warm and fuzzy;) *raises glass* Here’s to continuing to enjoy our reading ventures, and to give credit where our love of the bookish is due!




 The Yellow Boat

I remember going to the library at school and checking it out as my very first library book, and I was so happy to be reading–I loved this book, and it’s the beginning of everything for me.




 The Magic Tree House: Dinosaurs Before Dark

In the first grade, I felt so proud of myself because I was one of the best readers and I got to be in a special group that read cool books like these!




 Harry Potter

Okay, so by now you all know how big of a Potterhead I am. There was a point in time when my I was leaving elementary school moving on through middle school that had me frustrated with reading. I know, I know, it’s BLASPHEMY! BUT book reports were the worst and I kind of resented that. Close to the only books I happily read the space of those few years were the Harry Potter books. They were the first books I read outside of school, purely for the joy of it. Also, they are my childhood.




 Maureen Johnson

I had one friend who was all about YA before I even knew what it was, and she would talk about the authors that she loved and the books she was reading and I wanted to be more like her. Why didn’t I know all the bookish things she knows? Maureen Johnson happened to be one of her most talked about authors, and I knew I had to read her. So I did;)




 Libba Bray

This was another one of the authors that same friend of mine loved, so OF COURSE I sought out A Great and Terrible Beauty. Between that series and Maureen’s books, I had a more than welcome entrance into the wondrous realm of YA.




 The Mortal Instruments

I have a group of friends that between all of us, we buy different books and then all swap them so we all get to read each other’s finds. The very first time I swapped books with any of them was in high school, before I even met two of them. I had checked out City of Bones from the library and my friend wanted to read it, so when I finished reading the books I’d lend them to her–thus our book swap was born and is still alive and thriving today!





Say what you will, but I’ve made so many friends based off of my love of this series. AND it broke me out into the paranormal romance genre, and who doesn’t love some paranormal romance?;)




 Jane Austen

My reading journey would not be adequately represented without Jane Austen. I was in the eighth grade and I got one of those book orders just for fun, since I hadn’t seen one since I was in elementary school. Lo and behold, I found a classics set with Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre. From there I read the rest of Jane Austen’s works and I was thrown into the world of classics that also launched me into watching Masterpiece Theatre and my love of all things BBC;)



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