Stacking the Shelves (15)

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 Soooo I completely forgot that I froze all of my holds at the library until May 1 . . . To my great and thrilling surprise, I was getting calls and texts left and right, all letting me know that my books were waiting for me! Yeah, I’m PRETTY FREAKING STOKED RIGHT NOW!!! AND since these are all physical copies, it’ll help me to keep up on my real book goal. So pretty much this week has been a joyous bookish one:) Take a gander at these cool kids:


Forbidden Audacious The End Games Hemlock Incarnate No One Else Can Have You The Statistical Probability Stolen Unraveling Such a Rush Mind Games Sweet Peril The Distance Between Us


What a happy sight for Danica’s eyes!


(Fun Fact: When I talk in third person I feel like Dobby the house-elf, which is fitting considering we share the same birthday.)



Happy Reading;)




  1. OMG THESE ARE SO AWESOME!! I’ve read a stack of them and ohhhh you are in for a treat. I gave The End Games 5-stars, I just loved it SO much. x) I wasn’t so keen on Mind Games so much, but I hope you enjoy it. 😉
    My StS!

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