Top Ten Books About Friendship

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Heeey youuu guuuuuuuys! This week we’re taking a look at ten books about friendship. Now some of these are directly about friendship, but others happen to have friendships that I want. Who wouldn’t want friends like these?





Sorcerer's Stone


So Harry is this lonely kid who has never had any friends or even family, really. But he’s swept away and finds the friends of a lifetime, and he learns that true friends will do anything for each other.








The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants


This whole series is all about the friendship of four girls and how they’ll keep their friendship in tact during a summer apart. How do they do it? Letters and magical pants, my friends. Even when you’re thousands of miles apart, you can keep your friendships strong.

[insert pants here]









House of Night - Marked


Suprise! You’re a vampire! Now you have to drop everything and everyone you knew previously and form a whole new life. First item of business: find yourself some real friends. Oh, and prepare yourselves now because you guys are going to get into some weird, crazy stuff.










When you’re thrown into a situation where you’re at a camp that forces you to dig giant holes as punishment to “build character,” it’s inevitable that you’re going to form some friendships. I mean, misery loves company and you all are pretty dang miserable. There’s also the fact that it was pretty much kismet for you to meet.









This Song Will Save Your Life


So you want to give up on everything and just let go? Yeah, you need some friends in your life to give you a reason to stay. And if you don’t have any of those already, it’s time to find some. Be grateful for yours because not only did they save you, they introduced you to your favorite thing–DJing–and gave you a reason to really feel alive.








Looking for Alaska


Sometimes you don’t really know your friends before it’s too late, and then you’re left wondering how you could have changed the outcome. You become so enamored with the why and the how, but sometimes you just need to appreciate what you had when you had it and move on.

This is moving on.








GB1 - Introductions


Don’t have any friends and your family is batsh** crazy? Maybe you’ll run into someone and they’ll pull you into a huge friendship circle that’s so close it’s like a family. Like what happened to Sang Sorensen. And what happens when you’re all friends, but all those friendships are starting to evolve?









A Great and Terrible Beauty


So off you’re sent to live in a boarding school in a whole other country–you’re going to need some friends about you. Sometimes your friends enhance the good in you, and other times the friendship twists and warps and instead of having a friend, you have a formidable enemy.









The F- It List


Best friends Alex and Becca. Alex’s dad dies. Becca sleeps with Alex’s boyfriend the night of Alex’s father’s funeral. Friendship over. Alex forgives (finally). Becca has cancer. Alex fulfills Becca’s bucket list. Friendship stronger than ever.





  1. Holes does have some tight-knit friendships–any time you get a group of boys together under such tough circumstances, friends and enemies are going to be made.

    I think all of John Green’s books have some great examples of friendship, too.

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