Stacking the Shelves (18)

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This wasn’t a huge week in quantity, but I think the quality represented speaks for itself. Screams quality is more like it;) In honor of The Fault in Our Stars movie release and my love of said book–as well as Looking for Alaska–I decided to buy more John Green because really, is there such a thing as too much John Green?


(The Answer is a big ol’ not on your life.)


Welcome, friends, to Stacking the Shelves: John Green edition!


Will Grayson, Will Grayson  An Abundance of Katherines Paper Towns



I hope you all enjoy your tears while watching TFiOS–I know I sure will! I’m seeing it tomorrow morning with friends and I’ll be posting a post-TFiOS selfie (with the inevitable tear streaks present) to my Twitter and Instagram;) So feel free to keep an eye out for my happy/devastated sob-face!


OH! So this has nothing to do with John Green or TFiOS or STS at all, BUT I did a guest post this week over at A Wonderland of Reading all about SWOONS!!! Kayla and Stacie from A Wonderland of Reading and Meredith from Pandora’s Books are having a HUGE joint Blogiversary celebration and they’re giving away TONS of books and swag and there are guest posts galore! You can enter to win the plethora of giveaways AND meet new bloggers all in one fell swoop!


What are you waiting for? Go check ’em out!;)




    • Yeah, I was a goner. There were a handful of times I held my breath and looked up and refused to blink in order to stave off the tears, but once one specific moment hit I knew there was no hope–I didn’t even bother trying to wipe my tears away because I knew from that point on it would be nonstop. Then when the movie ended my friends were all talking and I every time I tried to say something I half sobbed. The feels were positively OVERFLOWING

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