Stacking the Shelves (19)

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You better believe I absolutely LOVE this week’s haul.


Seriously in love here.


Because another ACADEMY book was published (which I was unaware of for about a week) and yeah, I already read it;) And I read The Dr. Pepper Prophecies by Jennifer Gilby Roberts a year ago and LOVED it, so I went ahead and bought another of her books. AND my Jennifer E. Smith books I’ve been wait-listed for at the library are now MINE!


Well, not mine, since they belong to the library and all . . . You know what I mean.


*waves it off*


But look at the pretties!


GB6 - Push and Shove The Geography of You and Me This is What Happy Looks Like After Wimbledon


OH! And I saw The Fault in Our Stars on Sunday! It came as no surprise that I was a wreck. I could only hold back for so long, and once those tears slipped free there was no hope of recovering–I let them fall and cleaned up once the movie ended.


How did you fare with TFiOS? Come, tell me your horror stories! (Or composure stories if you’re that strong-willed;))



Happy Reading!



  1. Nice haul! Jennifer E. Smith is one of my go-to contemporary authors. Hope you enjoy them! I saw TFiOS a week ago Friday and I was crying so hard. Puffy-faced, stuffy-nosed and emotionally exhausted. I went to an earlier showing so when I came out of the theater with a friend there was already a line for the next one and everyone stared at us because we were still crying!

  2. I’m so excited to go see TFIOS! It’ll probably be in a week or two’s time for me, but, ehhhhh! It’s going to be AWESOME. x) I didn’t really love The Geography, but it was super cute and fluffy. I want to try This is What Happy Looks like eventually! My StS!

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