Sever by Lauren DeStefano



With the clock ticking until the virus takes its toll, Rhine is desperate for answers. After enduring Vaughn’s worst, Rhine finds an unlikely ally in his brother, an eccentric inventor named Reed. She takes refuge in his dilapidated house, though the people she left behind refuse to stay in the past. While Gabriel haunts Rhine’s memories, Cecily is determined to be at Rhine’s side, even if Linden’s feelings are still caught between them.

Meanwhile, Rowan’s growing involvement in an underground resistance compels Rhine to reach him before he does something that cannot be undone. But what she discovers along the way has alarming implications for her future—and about the past her parents never had the chance to explain.

In this breathtaking conclusion to Lauren DeStefano’s Chemical Garden trilogy, everything Rhine knows to be true will be irrevocably shattered.




My Thoughts


I am SO PISSED at you, DeStefano!!!


See, you completely destroyed me with this book. My heart is nothing but a shredded mass of pulpy muscle entirely useless to me now. I feel the weight of dead characters’ bodies bearing down on my chest and forcing the breath from my lungs.


You are a manipulator of emotions and attachments, an evil genius.


I want to talk about the writing in this book, the very words themselves. This is full of beautiful prose. Creepy and disturbing at times, yes, but still beautiful. I fell in love with the way the words were molded into carefully crafted sentences formed into gripping paragraphs and ideas that bloomed like orange blossoms in spring.


This series was addicting. Good thing I bought all the books before I even started reading the first one because I didn’t want to put these down at all.


And you know what? I’m still in love with Linden. And though I marginally warmed to the idea of Gabriel, there’s still a part of me that doesn’t see him in a romantic light. And Rowan? I spent the series growing so attached to Rhine’s idea of her brother that when I actually encountered him in the story, I was sadly disappointed. I didn’t really like him. Pretty much the only time I did like him was when he was comforting Rhine.


And the end was so shocking I audibly gasped and clutched my temples in disbelief. The mantra of no, no, no, this can’t be happening, no, no! was repeating in my mind. I’m still crushed by it. I have yet to reinflate my soul.


Feels, man.


While I’m not happy about how it ended, I feel like it was appropriate. Throughout the entire series we’re shown how the world as Rhine knows it is unfair and cruel and that’s kind of how it all ended, to an extent. I mean, there was a little bit of hope, but it was mostly as jarring and sudden as everything else that happened in the books.


You may have diminished my spirits this time, DeStefano, but I’ll be back to tackle your next series soon enough. You are a word wizard and brilliant writer.



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rating: 5


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