Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike on Covers

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish



As many books as there are out in the world, that’s how many cover options exist. From a young age we’re always told not to judge a book by its cover–but it’s the cover that’ll grab your attention, whether in a good way or in a cringe-worthy way. Today’s Top Ten is all about both the things I love on covers and cover trends that make me cringe.



And the award goes to . . .

There are oodles of covers featuring girls in flowing gowns and I have to say, I am a fan.


A Darkness Strange and Lovely Wither Rapture The One Paranormalcy




I like your spine

Backs to the camera are a thumbs up in my eyes.


A Great and Terrible Beauty Untamed Torment




Zoom zoom

The close-up never fails to catch my eye


Shudder Deadly Cool Before I Fall Evermore The Host Revolution Days of Blood & Starlight




Gimme the quirk

I am a complete sucker for covers with handwritten-looking typography.


Fan Art 11870085 Meant to Be The Statistical Probability




Glug glug

So this post has pretty much turned into everything I love about covers. I do love the suspended in water trend.


Of Poseidon Breathless The Unquiet The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer




This little piggy

This love probably has something (partially) to do with my love of Converse.


Waiting on the Sidelines The Boyfriend Thief Perfect You Someone Like You




Fly, fly away

This one is a tossup for me. There are very few covers with angel wings that I’m okay with. The first two examples I like, but most look too cheesy for me.


Halo Forbidden (angel) Embrace.2 End of Days Silence







Coming Soon

Movie tie-ins are probably the one thing I cannot stand about covers. BUT these are the ones that I think did it right.


COB movie If I Stay movie The Fault in our Stars movie






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