Stacking the Shelves (21): BIRTHDAY EDITION

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HellOOOOOOO there! This week’s haul is short and sweet (get it, sweet?)! I got my second book package from Stacie at Wonderland of Reading (she is a seriously AMAZING person!) and I ordered myself Take Me On and Sweet Reckoning because I have ZERO self control.


Haven My Life Next Door Take Me On Sweet Reckoning



Also, YESTERDAY WAS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! My mom got me the complete Harry Potter series with the new covers!!!


Birthday HP



And my best friend in the ENTIRE world made me the best cake, well, ever.


Birthday Cake



AND I had a Happy Meal for the first time since I was actually a child!


Birthday Happy Meal



AND I share a birthday with Matthew Lewis (Neville) and Dobby, a FREE ELF!


IMG_20140627_162804 IMG_20140627_163209



AND we watched Twilight, just like old times!


This is the face of 23 and PURE JOY.


Birthday Me





So pretty much it was a thoroughly STELLAR birthday! I have enough happiness to last me through the whole rest of the year:D


It’s a good life, Hazel Grace;)





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