Stacking the Shelves (22)

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B O O K   O U T L E T .


That place is DANGEROUS for me! Their scratch & dent books? Yeah, I went through all 100+ PAGES of books. They’re such fantastic deals that I can’t help myself! And these were the books that I argued with myself over until they were whittled down to just ten lovelies. Yes, you heard me right–this is about half the size of the haul I originally wanted.


*Yoda voice* Impressive deals they have, yes.


Now if I can direct your eyes below, you’ll see the wonderful stories I’ve added to the Land of Danica’s Library:)



Article 5 Breaking Point Angelfire Deadly Cool Something Strange and Deadly Blackout Cracked Up to Be Incarnate The Body Finder The Distance Between Us



And THEN I got together with my friends and we swapped books, so these little guys are borrowed from them:


Fragments The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove Hex Hall




I made out like a bandit, yeah?


Happy Reading!



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