Into the Still Blue by Veronica Rossi

Into the Still Blue


The race to the Still Blue has reached a stalemate. Aria and Perry are determined to find this last safe haven from the Aether storms before Sable and Hess do—and they are just as determined to stay together.

Within the confines of a cave they’re using as a makeshift refuge, they struggle to reconcile their people, Dwellers and Outsiders, who are united only in their hatred of their desperate situation. Meanwhile, time is running out to rescue Cinder, who was abducted by Hess and Sable for his unique abilities. Then Roar arrives in a grief-stricken fury, endangering all with his need for revenge.

Out of options, Perry and Aria assemble an unlikely team for an impossible rescue mission. Cinder isn’t just the key to unlocking the Still Blue and their only hope for survival–he’s also their friend. And in a dying world, the bonds between people are what matter most.






My Thoughts






Skies, I felt this so hard.


Let me tell you something, I’ve been in love with Perry and Aria’s love from the moment I read Under the Never Sky. This is one young adult series that proves that there doesn’t have to be a love triangle–Perry and Aria were it for each other, always! 


I absolutely love them.


And yeah, there is a third member that sort of creates a triangle, but it’s not even close to that kind of a love triangle. Roar and Perry are like brothers, more so than Perry and his actual brother Vale were. As far as Roar and Aria–there’s a male and female platonic relationship done right! Their friendship is pure and true friendship and it is SO FREAKING ADORABLE.


Their relationships are strained in this book, which made me sad . . . but really, there’s no way things could have happened differently considering everything that happened in Through the Ever Night. Some things you can’t come out of without hardships and struggles, and the death of Liv coupled with Aria/Roar’s disappearing on Perry happen to be situations that have to be worked through. Point is, this story didn’t start with sunshine and daisies.


There were Aether storms and bloodshed and brooding.


And it was fantastic.


And this book kept me on my toes! Every time I thought Perry, Aria, Roar, and Soren were finally getting somewhere–finally, freedom!–my hopes were dashed as they were continually set back. 


Over and over and over and over again.


And the feels? Yeah, I was a bawling mess. An absolute, complete mess! Skies, the losses! Things were looking pretty grim and depressing as the story was coming to a close, and you can be sure that I felt it. 




Now once it came down to the final moment between Sable and Perry, I have to admit I thought it was over too soon, that it came too easily. Which seems silly because of all the struggles you can tally against Sable throughout the series, but the moment itself was over in the blink of an eye. Then again, the satisfaction of precisely how things came to a close was magnificent. After all the cruelty Sable imposed as Blood Lord of the Horns, to see him strangled by his own title raised a twisted satisfaction in me.


Veronica Rossi, you have done right by your readers! Though I’m morose at the thought of never hearing from Perry and Roar and Aria again, I am overjoyed by the time I’ve had with them, and that you’ve shared their stories with us. 




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Rating: 5




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