Me. (Danica)


I am one of YOU.


I am convinced that the bookish are some of the BEST people this world has to offer. Know why? Because we are




in our love of books, a vast community of people from all walks of life who can come together and appreciate the bookishness we share.


More specifically, I am proudly from the Pacific Northwest. That upperleft state that looks like a fist with its thumb out happens to be my home (that I so desperately LOVE).


Washington, I want to stay with you forever.


I read YA WAY too late into the night and I will never regret it. I eat anything and everything fried, fatty, salty, or chocolate-based, and find the majority of vegetables to be repulsive.


(I am a child at heart.)


I am a devout Potterhead and will be, always (HUFFLEPUFF PRIDE).


I love parentheses, hyphens, dashes, and slashes; I love words and I love writing.


I have a dream of publishing at least one novel, and to befriend all the authors and book bloggers I love.


I am one of the bookish and books are my life.


Happy Reading;)




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