Name That YA! (2)

Name that YA!



Time for another edition of Name that YA! It’s like a fun game of Pictionary I like to play here at Rainy Tree Reader:) This time around I went with more recent reads of mine, soooo let’s get down to it!



 First up, there’s this little lady and her friend:








Next we have this [[creepyterrifying]] little guy popping up:








And lastly, there’s a girl who seems to shock even herself:








There you have it! Just three pictures to guess from today, folks. Who are these characters? What books are they from? What are they doing? 



Name That YA!


Name That YA!

Name that YA!

I know, I know, the graphic is SUPER lame . . . But hey, I made it real quick at, oh, one in the morning and I just needed something. (My inability to design cool graphics might have something to do with this . . .  and somehow I fell asleep at my laptop and sleep-closed it, because I have no conscious recollection of putting it away.)

Anyway, I went out with some friends last week and we went to dinner before going to see Vampire Academy (I’ve now been twice and am planning round 3, I LOVE it). We went to eat at Romano’s Macaroni Grill, and I’d never been there before. I noted the crayons on the white tablecloth and was told that you get to DRAW ON THE TABLE!!!

I made short work of that, let me tell ya.

Which is why I’m posting about it here–OBVIOUSLY I drew YA characters (because that is where my heart lies) and I figured I’d make a game out of it! Fair warning: most of these are just stick figures sooooo not necessarily the best quality. BUT it was fun and I just wanted to share them;)


So here it goes!


My first drawing is *probably* the easiest one here . . .





The conversation that went with this next one had me DYING




Aaaand the next one:




Now, this last one happens to be my personal favorite:




There you have it! And my apologies about the pictures, they’re not the best quality . . . but they serve their purpose:p

So! Name the characters, the book or both. OR name a completely irrelevant book and twist it to fit the image, whatever you want–just have fun with it!:)


Name that YA!